Tuesday, 4 April 2017



Last Friday morning I was suppose
to go for a hiking with my friends.
But, I end up sleeping the whole morning till afternoon
(cuz the day before I didn't had my beauty sleep)
So basically speaking, I didn't sleep for 24hrs.
In conclusion, I didn't do any workout last week.
I shove in moreeee food in my mouth that day.

Spending time with em' 4eva25 girls.

"Friendship is so weird...You just pick up a human you've met and you're like "Yup! I like this one!" and you just do stuff with them ❤"- Zatil 

For lunch we we went to the Kabin Cafe in Berakas.
We had the 'all you can eat shabu and grilled' 
menu just for $10 per person!
(Thanks mal for the treat! XOXO)

Picture taken from IG hashtags photo

Guess which one is my hand?

(hint: my chopstick is black and I lifted up,,,)

It was a feast for a Lunch
since it is all you can eat!
No worry there's no leftover at all.
Cuz we are all monsters, especially when food is serve in front of us
(BND$3/100gm will be charged per person for any leftover)


Rate: 5/5
Reason: The meat are well marinated. love, Love, LOVE it!
Yummiesssst marinated meat! Even the Tom Yum Soup was
We really had an awesome lunch! 
Tummy happy and so are we!
Really worth $10!!
Will come back here again.

Then we went shopping for Raya Clothing at Empire Hotel
since there was KLFashionTour held in one of their ballroom.
(I didn't buy anything LOL)
Just had fun window shopping there.

anddd after that~ we went to the beach~!
(we just had to walk there, since the beach is really close by)
to enjoy the evening sea breeze
and the sunset of course.

at the Empire Hotel beach.
It was almost sunset.
And we took lot of photos.

Back shot photo ehehehee

Photo not edit/enhanced. Taken with Sony Smartphone Camera

The evening there is really beautiful
It feels like the soul and mind cleanse 
just by looking at this splendid view.


Thought I won't had any dinner that night.
(twas my initial plan tho)
So, having a dessert was okay for me.
(since I don't think I'm not gonna eat anything after the dessert)

But that was not the case...
after dessert I had chicken for dinner~!
We went to Yugo Dessert Cafe in Qlap

So I ordered Ice peach tea and Lava cake
(I'm into peach tea lately after I had one in Hotpot)
Ice peach Tea at Hotpot restaurant is the best I ever had.

Green Tea Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
Rate: 3/5
Reason: For Matcha/Green Tea Enthusiasts,
the bitter taste would be bearable. And since I'm one 
of them, I quite enjoy the taste. However it was quite disappointing cuz..
the lava:cake ratio is just too much. 
There was more green tea lava than the cake
(LOL if you get what I mean)

Then we went to Euro Classic Collection Shop
to have a look on what do they sell there.
(I was a bit reluctant to enter the store
but hey my friends just storm in with confidence)
The store oozes out exquisite ambiance.
Cuz you can practically see everything from the outside of the store
since the wall is all made from glass.
And of course~ the things they sell there is expensive!!
The kitchenware sold there is soooo beautiful
made me want to purchase 'em.

IG: euro_classic
They sold may different types of scented candles there.
so, I bought three small scented candles.

There are:
Village Candle - Creamy Vanilla 
Village Candle - Eucalyptus Mint
(I lighted this one already, and my room smell minty and fresh!)
Colony - Seashore

Each candle worth BND$5.90
The candle lasted for 2-3 hours after lighted

Before we end our day,
we had unplanned dinner
(seriously~ I feel like a glutton that day!)
we went to Pelicana for dinner

I ordered 4pcs Original Yangnyeom chicken
spicy~!!!! tho the spicy level is rated level 1
Sorry, can't handle spicy taste tho I like 'em
(I had two for the night and take away the rest 
for tomorrow lunch since I can't finished it)

It's my second time here.
And yeah the drinks and food here is quite pricey
especially for the chicken.
4pcs of chicken for BND$6.90
anddd my 500ml Volvic mineral water cost me BND$2.90
(If I buy from supermarket it just cost me BND$1.10)
Nevermind that, the chicken still delish tho.

Well~ that's how we spent our Friday together
Lighted my newly scented candle
and fall asleep at 1AM

till next time


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